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ChronoPulse is a revolutionary watch price index that provides accurate data on the luxury watch market. The index is based on 140 watches from the 14 watch brands with the worldwide highest transaction volume on the secondary market. ChronoPulse draws data from real sales figures and data sources from Chrono24's 20-year history. ChronoPulse provides an index that is publicly accessible and easy to use in order to better understand past and current price trends, as well as the influence of specific watch models. With a global reach and wealth of data, ChronoPulse is the number one source for valuable information about fluctuations on the luxury watch market.

As the world’s leading marketplace for luxury watches, Chrono24 is the most authoritative source for expert information on the pre-owned watch market. Now we're publishing the results of our many years of experience with watch data in the form of a precise index representing the entire market – the Dow Jones for luxury watches.

ChronoPulse was developed in collaboration with respected watch experts, professional data scientists, and other industry experts to ensure the highest level of accuracy and credibility. Whether you would like to track the performance of various brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet, or get an overview of the market as a whole, you can count on ChronoPulse.

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